Farming is an equipment intensive industry, with associated inherent risks and regulations that can be a challenge to manage. Our network has teamed up with HSB Engineering Insurance (HSB), the UK’s specialist in engineering insurance and inspection, to provide an agricultural equipment inspection service that meets your requirements and healthy & safety legislation.

What are the benefits?

  • Our clients can receive a competitive preferred rate from HSB.
  • Access to a fully accredited inspection service.
  • Assistance with health & safety legislation compliance.
  • A nationwide network of engineer surveyors, who aim to minimise business disruption.
  • Value added insights to help reduce risks and help optimise the efficiency of your farm equipment.
  • An independent inspection on any agricultural engineering equipment is considered best practice.

steam boiler e.g. vertical steam boiler
air pressure plant e.g. air receiver
refrigeration plan
hot water heating/supply systems
fork lift trucks
lifting plant e.g. blocks and tackle, slings etc
personnel lifts
excavators/loading shovels
general electrical/mechanical plant e.g. motor, pumps
electrical installations e.g. fixed wiring.