Our race car insurance cover brings with it a number of key benefits. It allows you to insure the full value of your race car or only a proportion of it, depending on your requirements.

It is tailored for owners and drivers of motorsport vehicles and we can cover up to 2 named drivers*. Unlimited track days and testing is automatically included during the season.

And that’s not all, to help keep your costs manageable we can offer monthly direct debit payment options too!

This year our cover is available to all owner/drivers as well as teams  and can include:

  • On-track cover for race cars when competing, testing, or on track days. 
  • Off-track cover when the race car is in storage or when in transit. 
  • Single event cover - rather than insuring for the whole season, we offer on-track cover for up to 3 consecutive days. 
  • Cover for race equipment, spares, tools, engine, gearbox and transporter trailer. 
  • Full value of first loss basis. 
  • European and worldwide competing.